Level up your CSS3 skills in 30 days!

Level up your CSS3 skills in 30 days!

Some free resources to help sharpen your knowledge of CSS

Good day everyone! I hope all is well in your journey of learning and developing! As I wrap up learning about the fundamentals of HTML5 and CSS3, I felt it would only be right to share some resources that helped me along the way. Below is a list of documentation, as well as extensive articles that cover the fundamentals of CSS3 and even some more advanced topics:

Online Docs:

There were plenty of resources to find on HTML5 throughout youtube and google, But I struggled to find resources to help apply the CSS3 topics and rules. Personally, I felt that creating or replicating styles online was the best way to grasp CSS3 syntax and methods of styling. So I have also put together a list of resources that helped me really learn CSS3 and overcome the lack of talent I had for styling. These resources are tutorials based, as well as project-based so you get fingers to keyboard and type out some code in HTML/CSS:

Online Tutorials & Challenges:

I highly recommend the FreeCodeCamp Responsive Web Design certificate, as well as Brad Hussey's CSS3 30-day challenge. Speaking from first-hand experience, I have really engrained the fundamentals of CSS from these two courses. The project-based approach has not only helped me understand CSS better but has also shown me new ways of using beginner-level styling rules to create professional-looking web designs. I recommend that you sign up for the 30-day challenge on the CodeCollege webpage since you will receive each day's challenge one day at a time, helping you stay consistent and eager to learn the new day's challenge. If that is not your style, you can use this youtube playlist to view all 30 challenges at your own pace.

I hope this list helped bring some exciting challenges for anyone looking to improve their front-end skills. I am excited to announce that I have completed the FCC Responsive Web Design Certificate this week, feel free to check it out here. I will be moving on to learning a CSS Framework like Bootstrap and Tailwind, as well as re-learning Javascript.

If you have any other great front-end resources for beginners, feel free to share them below👇🏽 Thank you for taking the time to read my article, and I wish you luck on your own software journey!